Some contracts are meant to end, some are meant to move to continue with extension after extension. But what does end of contract mean to those who face an uncertain future and wondering what’s next for them?

Below are some tips you can action before your contract expires:

Schedule a one-on-one meeting with your recruiter

Set an appointment with your recruiter to chat about your current position and if you would accept an extension if given one. How do you feel about your current contract? Are you happy? If not, why not? What other information or experience can you share about the contract?

Be transparent with your recruiter. Be prepared to discuss your experience and goals. The more your recruiter knows, the more they can assist you in finding the next successful role.

It would be best to schedule these meetings at least 4 weeks in advance to provide you with more opportunities.

Update your CV

Make sure your recent experience is reflected in your new resume.

No matter what you were looking for during your last job search, you’re probably not in an identical state of mind this time around. It’s important to complete this process before the contract ends so your recruiter can help you in advance and you are not panicking about finding another role.

Update your LinkedIn profile and engage with your network asking about possible positions. Indicate in your headline that you’re going to be available very soon. That gives your recruiter and other potential employers a heads-up and they may start reaching out to you for a new opportunity.

Start attending networking events

Weeks before the end of your contract, ramp up your attendance to networking events. Choose the networking events which are aligned with your goals. Choose events where you can find the experts in your field and/or where you have a higher chance of potentially meeting your next employer.

You may check out to find your next event. You may also visit for more tech-oriented events.

Attending networking events is a career investment.

Help your recruiter help you

Be proactive. Browse for roles online through job boards, on company websites and LinkedIn and send your recruiter job postings that interest you. That way it will give them an idea what you find attractive. If you’re not interested in a position your recruiter is offering you, let them know that you’ll keep an eye out for any other opportunities.

Ask for a possible contract extension

When things are going well and you want to continue your current contract, talk with your hiring manager to let them know you are available for an extension. Be proactive – this is your career and you are in control.