ICT Contingent Labour

The Provision Of ICT Contingent Labour To Queensland Government:

SOA Number #GGS0060

Under this SOA, you have the freedom to choose which panel member you do business with.

Synergy Placements is a locally owned and operated ICT recruitment agency specializing on providing exceptional candidates to Queensland state government.

Personalised Approach

Connecting employers with top-quality candidates is Synergy’s business. Our personalised approach to placing the right people into the right job has helped us build a network of exceptional candidates.

What You Get

By relying on Synergy Placements to service your Contingent ICT talent requirements through SOA #GGS0060, you will get:

  • Responsive, personalised, local account management.
  • Dedicated state government account team.
  • An up to date database of pre-qualified candidates.
  • Access to Talent as a Service (TaaS) for short term or intermittent resourcing requirements.
  • Great value for money through pre-established, market tested rates.
  • Less time and budget spent on issuing ITOs or getting multiple quotes.
  • Detailed monthly reporting.
  • No cost, four hour working interview to confirm skillset and organizational fit of a new contractor.