Security is an immense job for just about any business today. No matter what industry you’re in, what your size of business is, you collect information about your partners and customers – and you need to have a trusted team/specialist to ensure and maintain the security of your information assets.

No one is immune to IT security risk

Everyone is a target now. It’s no secret that dark side of the internet has grown radically. Protected payment card data, banking details, social security numbers, health information, dates of birth, phone numbers, email addresses, confirmation numbers, travel reward numbers – cybercriminals want it all, and they don’t discriminate based on what industry you’re in or the size of your company.

If your current cybersecurity techniques don’t stop phishing, you’re a headline waiting to happen. If you want to avoid this from happening maybe it’s time to seek the expertise and leadership of an IT security specialist.

Even script kiddies can now launch massive ransomware attacks

These amateur but dangerous hackers can now create their own ransomware using kits which are easily available on the internet. These script kiddies will keep multiplying, while the cost of an attack will keep approaching less to zero.

The fact that NotPetya have spread quickly only shows that many businesses are still not taking more rigid cybersecurity measures.You don’t need to talk to a fortune teller to understand that the trend will persist in 2020 and get worse as virus makers have been perfecting their techniques and toolkits.

All businesses need to be proactive and prepared for the multi-million-dollar ransomware industry. Social engineering and phishing attacks are also on the rise making up the other half of ransomware woes.

These script kiddies lack the knowledge to create software or exploit vulnerabilities. To compensate, they often turn to social engineering in order to take advantage and manipulate victims into granting access or sharing information. They have very little issues learning HTML and website development. They then create a fake website or portal to trick the user into entering login credentials. This allows a script kiddie access to the system or account.

You can counter this script kiddies with the help of a mature IT security specialist.

A data breach could be very devastating to the entire business

Ultimately, for any business, breach of data could also mean “business death”. Any innovation that your business prides itself on will be lost the second someone gets a hand on your private data, the one that you have so very carefully stored in your computer systems.

It’s a high time to be more extra cautious with your information security as Australian businesses has just displaced Brazil, the UK and Canada to become the world’s most-targeted country for phishing attacks.

According to Proofpoint’s global State of the Phish 2019 report, APAC users are five times more likely than other countries around the world to experience 26 or more smishing attacks (phishing conducted over text messages) and vishing attacks (phishing conducted over voice) per quarter and Australians are particularly vulnerable to account compromise and data loss as a result of these hacks.

The infographic below illustrates further the devastating cost of cybercrime to Australian businesses:

If you want your business to grow and become successful, do not hesitate from investing in a good security system and an experienced IT security specialist. 

Stephen Johnstone, Senior Business Consultant, Synergy Placements