There is still this ongoing debate about the use of a one-page resume and if it really works for both job seekers and hiring managers. 

There are two things that pops into my head when I hear about the one-pager. Number one is speed browsing and the other one is accuracy.

If you do some quick research online, you will find many conflicting articles which support either a one pager or a longer version. 

For example, ResumeGo, a resume writing company, recently ran an online simulation of a hiring process among 482 hiring professionals. It found that hiring managers chose two-page resumes at twice the rate of one-page resumes for entry-level as well as experienced hires.

Yes, candidates can omit basic job descriptions if they feel those would be familiar to an industry-savvy hirer, but how about the rest? They now need to write for a more general audience, which usually requires more words and more space. 

In the ever changing world of the recruitment industry, I personally believe that it’s not the number of pages or words that really matters. For me, it’s all about relevance and transparency. For as long as those two elements are contained in your resume or CV, I think you will always sound convincing to hiring managers.

Relevance of information in a one page resume – with enough but limited writing space, it is necessary for you to only include information that are relevant to the role that you are applying for. Try to be as specific as you can. Mind the use of your keywords. Stay away from long and pointless phrases. Copy and paste phrases are an absolute no-no.

Transparency in a one page resume – if every word needs to be relevant then every detail must be true too. If there is a gap in your employment, go ahead and declare it. If you omit it, the consequences can be detrimental to your jobsearch. 

In a world clamouring for trusted sources of information, let your resume be one.

Stay relevant, stay transparent.

Have you ever submitted a one page resume? If yes, how did it work for you? 

Written by Nitha Coetzer, Director, Synergy Placements