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For Synergy Placements, finding the right person for the right role at the right company, is a winning combination for all involved. It’s what we do and it’s what we are passionate about.

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We are a one-stop recruitment company that specialise in a range of Blue collar and White collar services. Our recruitment team shares many decades of experience in placing candidates in temporary and permanent roles for Supply Chain & Logistics, Warehousing, Construction and Civil Engineering, Trades Sector, labour hire, General Labour Hire, Information Technology, Project Management, Banking & Financial Services, Marketing & Sales, and Office & Administration.

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Online Timesheets

TiMaven is a state-of-the-art online timesheet system for employers who engages contract or temporary employees who work on Award Wages, Enterprise Bargaining Agreements or individual work contracts. TiMaven has been developed in Australia to simplify the complexities in accurately calculating payroll for employees who are paid under Award Wages guidelines, individual work contracts or Enterprise Bargaining Agreements.

Reduce Risk

TiMaven’s built-in, automated approval workflows and pay calculations mitigate risk by providing technology enabled, online submission and approval flows of timesheets. Overtime and penalty rates are calculated automatically and accurately.

Automate you Tracking Processes

TiMaven provides accurate time tracking and frees payroll admins from confusing attendance workflow which helps you meet your award compliance requirements with our powerful business rules engine. Eliminate costly errors and streamline your payroll processing.

Reduce Costly Payroll Mistakes and Pay on Time

TiMaven ensures your employees are paid on time, every time with fast, easy and accurate pay runs. Slow approval processes are eliminated and built-in workflows allows for visibility to track the status of all your timesheets.

TiMaven Timesheet Management

The easy-to-understand dashboard gives your timesheet approvers and payroll staff real-time access to the status of each timesheet. You can easily see who has filled out a timesheet, what data has been entered and where the timesheet is in your approval process. Your organisation has multi-level access to approve, manage and monitor timesheets, contracts and awards.

Privacy and Security

Candidates are encouraged to be self-sufficient and sensitive information is stored in a secure off-line database, inaccessible through the internet.

Reporting and Analytics

Make strategic decisions based on up to date reporting regarding all aspects of your labour hire, quickly and effortlessly.

SaaS Application

TiMaven is a cloud-based application which need no costly and time consuming hardware installation and configuration. With TiMaven there are no costly installation fees or hardware needed. Registration is easy and accessible from anywhere by your payroll, approvers and employees.

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